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Discover Euskadi like never before with our upcoming exclusive tours in the Basque Country! Unveil unique experiences as we take you on a journey through hidden gems and local flavors. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure that goes beyond the ordinary!


My friend and I, both passionate about traveling, decided to join forces to create unique experiences and tours. Recognizing the scarcity of such services in Euskadi, we took the initiative to offer innovative options. Our love for exploring new places turned into inspiration to provide others with the opportunity to live unforgettable adventures in this beautiful region. 🌍✨ 



Unai Pardo
+34 663 71 61 11

Bilbao | España

Gabriela Santamaria
+34 615 84 74 64

San Sebastián | España

Adela Perez
+34 607 32 29 24 

Vitoria | España

Lucia Marzo
+34 627 847 222

Pamplona | España

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